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05 Mar

Programming instructions for our USB LED Message Fan

Posted by Green Park in LED Fan, Message Fan, Programmable Fan, USB Fan, USB LED

Instructions on how to add your own messages to our Programmable Message Fan from Green Park Products.
(there are 2 versions of this fan, ours is the latest it does not need an external USB cable for programming.)

Just 3 easy steps.

1) Copy the software from the mini CD into a folder or onto your desktop. Then run the LedFan.exe application. (this does not install anything on your computer)

2) Enter your messages in the text boxes at the top left. You can use your computers keyboard, or the on screen keyboard.

Tip: If you press the start button you will receive a preview of how your message will appear.

3) When you have entered all the messages you want. With the fan plugged into your USB port press the send button.

Tip: Play with the open, middle, and close options to change the actions of the fan.

That is it. It is very simple to program your own messages.