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Product Image 2 Meter (6 foot 6 inch) UGLY! Brand HDMI High speed with Internet cable.

2 Meter (6 foot 6 inch) UGLY! Brand HDMI High speed with Internet cable.


Item Number: UHD102e
Condition: Brand New
Brand: Ugly Cable
Length: 2 meters (6 feet)
Connection Type: HDMI Type A (Standard)
HDMI Cable Type: High Speed with Ethernet
DMI Ethernet Channel (HEC): Yes
Audio Return Channel: Yes
Certified HDMI Manufacturer: Compliant with HDMI standards
Suitable For:
PS3, Xbox 360, BluRay, 3D, DVD, HDTV, etc
High Speed HDMI With Ethernet from Ugly CableUGLY! range of HDMI cables are perfect for those wanting the very best performance available. UGLY! HDMI cables are "High Speed with Ethernet" HDMI cables and are produced by a certified HDMI manufacturer to meet or exceed all relevant specifications as laid out by HDMI Licensing LLC.
Suitable for HDMI devices!
UGLY! cables are suitable for use with HDMI compatible devices, including Playstation3, Xbox 360, BluRay, 3D BluRay, Plasma/LCD/LED television, 3D TV, DVD, HD-DVD, HDTV, HD set top boxes, AV receivers/amplifiers and more!
HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC)
This UGLY! HDMI cable includes Ethernet capability via the "HDMI Ethernet Channel" (HEC), which allows internet connection sharing, home entertainment networking and content distribution between compatible devices (video game consoles, TVs, BluRay players, etc), without the need for Ethernet cables.
These may not be the cheapest, but they are by far the best value! 
We've set up the comparison the Big Boys won't want you to know about!
We've set up two identical plasma screens with identical sources, side by side. We have this cable set up compared with a big name cable which retails for over $549.00 in a 10m length and the results are amazing! Anyone would struggle to pick a difference without being told which is which.